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Sewer Camera Inspection in Miami, FL, and Nearby Areas


Bradley Plumbing & Gas has the tools and technology to unclog and repair your sewer line issues, especially if it is not flowing smoothly. A thorough sewer camera inspection can get to the root cause of the problem quickly and eliminating any guesswork. Our trained, professional staff offers sewer inspection services in the following locations:

The Process of Camera Inspections

A sewer camera inspection involves inserting a small camera that is on the end of a flexible cable into the pipe. The camera has a small radio transmitter that sends the signal back to the technician. When the camera encounters the blockage or crack, it can record the location and depth of the problem. This state-of-the-art technology saves you time and money on your plumbing inspection.

A sewer video inspection is the first step to the repair process. The process involves accessing the pipe through a drain access. Most systems have a cleanout that at least every 200 feet, and that is all that is needed to insert the camera; there is little or no digging involved. The high-resolution camera is inserted into the pipe. It has an LED light that provides enough lighting for the technician to see the problem. The technician works the camera through the pipe until we locate the problem. 

What to Expect from a Camera Inspection

A pipe camera inspection has many benefits. The first benefit is that there is no need to dig up the entire yard to find the problem. If the pipe runs under a concrete driveway or sidewalk, there is no need to remove it or damage it. It also does not harm your landscaping. The inspection allows the technician to see the exact problem without any guesswork. In the end, this saves both time and money.

When our technicians perform a drain inspection, they often find many of the same problems. One of the most common is that tree roots have wrapped around the pipe and broken it, causing a clog. Another common problem is blockages that are caused by the homeowner disposing of items like baby wipes, grease, fats, and oils using the sewer. Sometimes, the problem is caused by the ground underneath the pipe settling and causing it to break. This can be from improper installation, or it can occur in older homes.

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Bradley Plumbing & Gas uses a tiny high-definition camera before every trenchless sewer repair to see the exact cause of the problem before proceeding. We are a family company three generations strong, priding ourselves in providing excellent service all over South Florida. If you need a plumber in Miami, FL, and the surrounding areas then it is time to call us so that we can send one of our highly-trained, experienced technicians to get your drains working properly as quickly as possible. You may also fill out the online form when you need:

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