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Reliable Sewer Camera Inspection in Miami, FL


Bradley Plumbing & Gas is the trusted expert when local clients need a sewer camera inspection in Miami, FL. We are a family company three generations strong, priding ourselves in providing excellent service all over South Florida. Serving residential and commercial clients throughout Miami and nearby areas, we use video inspection before we recommend trenchless sewer repair.

How Do Sewer Camera Inspections Work?

When you contact us for help with your sewer line issues, we will use a camera to locate and diagnose the problem. Our pipe camera inspection allows us to pinpoint the area causing you trouble without having to dig on your property in search of the main pipes. We insert a camera into your pipes from one small access point. This allows us to see through a live video feed exactly what is going on inside of that sewer line.

The Process of Camera Inspection

If you are used to a team having to disrupt your lawn and landscaping in order to fix your sewer pipe issues, you will be quite pleased with our trenchless drain inspections and repairs. Our trained plumber will feed a camera attached to a cable into your drain. They will be able to see the interior of your pipes on a monitor, and they will manipulate the camera remotely. This process saves everyone time and money. We will be able to quickly see blockages or damage that is interfering with your plumbing system.

Advantages of Camera Inspection

A drain inspection provides you with many advantages when compared with other methods of locating and diagnosing plumbing issues. It certainly saves time as we no longer have to dig trenches in your yard as we search for the main pipes. All of this extra time used for digging can add up when it comes to labor charges. 

You will find that our trenchless sewer camera inspection services save time, which equals lower costs for you. We can easily and quickly find your sewer pipe as well as the problem. Your issues will be repaired promptly so that your water service can resume sooner.

Common Issues and Signs We Look For

Our minimally invasive plumbing inspection allows us to look for common issues that could be interrupting your water service. If you are experiencing slow drains, bad odors coming from the drains, or hearing odd noises, there are several things that could be happening. Tree roots can invade your sewer pipe, which blocks the flow of water. We are also looking for any possible damage to your pipes such a misalignment, cracks, corrosion, leaks, and blockages. Our cameras will show us which of these problems you currently have.

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