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Trenchless Sewer Repair in Miami, FL


When you need a plumber in Miami, FL, for a sewer repair service, you should take a look at the work that Bradley Plumbing & Gas could do for you. We have three generations of experience, so we have plenty of long-standing expertise that we can show you. We also take pride in the results that we provide to every customer because we want you coming back for our services again and again. When you're looking for a way to take care of a bad sewer line, our minimally invasive solutions may be just what you need.

Signs You Need Trenchless Sewer Repair

If you're not sure if you need a trenchless sewer repair in Miami, FL take a look at all of the red flags. One of the most obvious symptoms is a big puddle in your yard. When there's a break in the sewer line, water is able to escape through the crack, which will leave a puddle, make the grass look incredibly green and thick, or even move paving stones in the area.

Another common thing that you might notice is a bad smell coming from the drains. This smell comes from sewer gas, which can be poisonous and flammable. You might also notice that the drains are slow if you have tree roots or another kind of foreign object in your sewer line. Finally, you might even notice that there is water that backs up in a utility sink or bathtub when you run the dishwasher or another appliance that uses a lot of water.

Importance of Trenchless Repair Services

When excavations are not an option for you, trenchless sewer replacement can be just the thing to get your plumbing working well at a lesser cost than a traditional replacement. With the trenchless repair or replacement, we only need to dig in a small area of your lawn, which can save you thousands of dollars on landscaping and on the repair itself.

Trenchless pipe replacement can involve two kinds of approaches. The first can be pipe lining while the other can be through pipe bursting.

If only a small hole needs fixing, we might be able to do a trenchless pipe lining. If you just need a small part addresses, we will need to make a hole in the ground and patch the pipe. Otherwise, we can use an epoxy resin to create a lining that cures in place so that the inside of the pipe is free of cracks.

Another option is to burst the pipe. The Bradley Plumbing & Gas team will run a steel cable through the old pipe with an attached bullet-shaped bursting head to one end. That bursting head is slightly larger than the old pipe. As it is pulled through the old pipe, it breaks the pipe up and pushes it into the surrounding soil.

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