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If you’ve noticed a problem with your sewer line, our sewer camera inspection services in Miami, FL can help identify the cause. We prefer to do a camera inspection of the sewer before initiating repairs. Read on to learn why this process saves time and money and what our team at Bradley Plumbing & Gas is looking for during this inspection.

Tree Roots

During a drain inspection, we’ll look for common causes of obstructions. One of the most common causes of slow drains or backed up drains is tree roots. Tree roots seek out moisture, and a sewer line is an excellent source of it. Once a tree root penetrates into the pipe, it’s only a matter of time before it grows so thick that the wastewater can’t get through the pipe.


When we conduct a video plumbing inspection, we’ll look at the condition of the pipes. One of the issues we can see on the inspection is corrosion. A common cause of corrosion is hard water. Aging pipes can also become corroded. If the full length of the pipe has corrosion, we’ll recommend a lining or replacement service.

Offset or Collapsed Pipe

As our plumbers perform a sewer video inspection, we look for signs of an offset in the sewer pipe. An offset is a misalignment of pipe segments. It causes sewage to leak, soil to get in and infiltration of tree roots. We’ll also look for signs that the sewer pipe has collapsed.

At Bradley Plumbing & Gas, we’re the trusted providers of pipe camera inspection. We’ll show you what we see on the video screen so that you understand what the problem is and where it’s located. Our honest, affordable and on-time service is just what you need for a properly functioning plumbing system. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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