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At Bradley Plumbing & Gas, we encounter a wide range of different plumbing issues. However, a clogged drain is by far one of the most common. Here are some of the main causes of clogging.

Mineral Buildup

Some homes suffer from hard water, which contains an excessive amount of minerals. While hard water isn’t a health concern, it will cause deposits to build up inside your pipes. To prevent a clog, consider investing in a water softener. Routine drain cleaning in Miami Beach, FL is recommended as well.


Hair has always been one of the biggest sources of clogged bathroom drains. Many people are shocked by the amount of hair that can be shed while showering. As hair begins to knot up inside the drain, a blockage will soon develop. To help avoid this problem, drain cleaning services suggest installing hair catchers over your bathroom drains.


Grease is the leading cause of kitchen drain clogs. Once grease is allowed to cool, it quickly starts to harden. You’ll soon be experiencing a slow drain. The best approach is to contact a drain cleaning company. Although liquid drain cleaners are available, these products are not ideal. Not only are liquid drain cleaners only mildly effective, but they can also seriously damage your plumbing system.

Toilet Paper Buildup

The last thing you want to encounter is a messy toilet backup. In many instances, you can prevent this problem by simply using one-ply toilet paper. Try to stay away from “ultra soft” toilet paper, which can be too difficult to flush. Better yet, avoid flushing toilet paper altogether.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are naturally attracted to sources of water and nutrients. This is why it’s not uncommon for tree roots to grow inside underground sewer lines. Clogging then becomes a big possibility.

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