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It’s common for property owners to overlook sewer maintenance until something significant goes wrong. However, the time you need to find out about sewer issues is before the damage becomes major, not after. With regular sewer camera inspection services in Miami, FL from Bradley Plumbing & Gas, you will be able to spot and even prevent sewer issues in time.

Below are a few things that emphasize the importance of having your sewers inspected regularly.

Repairs Can Be Costly

Sewer line repairs and replacement can be a costly affair. Moreover, your home insurance might not cover for the expenses if the issue is deemed a result of natural wear and tear. Apart from being a budgeting pain, sewer backups are messy and generally just a hassle to deal with. In comparison, a plumbing inspection is much quicker and inexpensive. 

Conducting sewer video inspection allows us to help by detecting potential or existing problems with your sewer system. This way, you can counter the faults before they get out of hand.

Natural Wear and Tear Happens

New sewer systems experience minor issues like blockages, but the risk of significant damage in old sewer systems is higher. For instance, the construction of some old homes likely happened before the existence of modern sewer systems. So, it’s expected that the systems relied on materials like tar paper or clay. For this reason, they erode and collapse with time. A drain inspection can help us check on the condition of your sewer line.

Tree Root Intrusions

For tree roots that have no other source of nutrition, sewer lines are the next best thing. This is why roots find their way into even the tiniest openings along a sewer pipe. This will then severely clog your pipes. So if your sewer system is near shrubs or trees, schedule a pipe camera inspection with our team regularly to monitor a potential tree root invasion.

When you need reliable sewer inspection services, Bradley Plumbing & Gas is the team that you can always trust. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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