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FAQs on Drains

Our expert technicians here at Bradley Plumbing & Gas, the leading specialists in drain cleaning in Miami, FL, have provided some answers to some of the top questions that typically come up when the topic of drains is discussed.

How Do I Keep Clogs From Happening?

While there are many ways to avoid clogs with the help of a reputable drain cleaning company, a good, and usually inexpensive, preventative measure is a drain trap. This will help collect food scraps and prevent them from making their way down the kitchen sink, as well as prevent hair from getting flushed down the drain in the shower.

You can also make sure that clogs are kept at bay by being mindful of what goes down your drains. For instance, grease should not be poured down your kitchen sink or garbage disposal. 

When Is It Time to Call a Plumber for My Drain?

The Bradley Plumbing & Gas team is always ready to provide top-notch drain cleaning services any time you encounter the following issues:

  • Major drain backups
  • Recurring clogs
  • Multiple clogs around the house

Why Should I Call a Plumber to Remove a Clog?

Drain snaking a clog can be an effective solution, but rarely in the hands of inexperienced operators. Calling a professional plumber to deal with the problem helps ensure that the job is done right the first time around. It’s also worth noting that clogs can be more complicated than they look. This means that DIY methods can seem effective initially but fail to address the problem completely.

How Do I Know the Main Exterior Drain Is Broken?

Look out for signs such as puddles or unusually green patches on your lawn. These could indicate that the drain pipes have broken or collapsed, giving your yard extra nutrients, thus the lush spots.

Who Can I Call?

Bradley Plumbing & Gas offers services ranging from trenchless sewer repair to drain cleaning for communities in Miami, FL and throughout South Florida.

If you’ve been experiencing difficulties with clogs or drains, call Bradley Plumbing & Gas to set up an appointment.

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