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While trenchless sewer repair in Coral Gables, FL is often the best option when it comes to dealing with damaged pipes, there are a few factors that need to be considered. For us here at Bradley Plumbing & Gas, these two factors are key to a successful repair work. Let us share with you what to keep in mind before opting for trenchless repairs.

Overall Condition of the Pipes Requiring Repair

The most important factor to consider when making decisions regarding trenchless sewer repair is the condition of the pipes. Trenchless repair is adequate for pipes with general damage.

However, trenchless sewer replacement might not be suitable for pipes that are severely damaged. If the pipe is extensively corroded, its structure could be weakened. Utilizing trenchless repairs under these circumstances might only worsen the issue. In these cases, trenchless repair might only provide a temporary solution, meaning that additional repairs will soon be needed in the near future.

If the pipe is very weak or heavily corroded, a trenchless pipe replacement is the better choice for the damaged pipe rather than a repair.

Pipe Diameter and Length

Trenchless pipe repair involves using an epoxy coating within the pipe. The longer and wider the pipe is, the thicker the coating needs to be. In some cases, trenchless repair might not be the best option for especially long and thick sections of piping.

Longer pipes are typically subject to bending over time due to forces in the ground that compromise the effectiveness of the epoxy coating. Also, large diameter pipes are subject to stronger underground bending forces that can cause pipe damage.

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