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When you require the services of a plumber in Miami, FL, and surrounding areas, talk to Bradley Plumbing & Gas. We have a full line of services, and there are several reasons why you should choose us over the competition. First of all, we're a family-owned company and have been that way for three generations. Rest assured that we have the experience to complete many types of jobs. We also take pride in the services that we provide to clients in the following areas:

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Who We Are

Bradley Plumbing & Gas, or BPG for short, is a family-owned company that was recently created with 3 generations of tradesman knowledge pushing the company ahead. With a strong background in the construction industry, BPG has been created to serve the community as a high-quality and fair-priced plumbing service company that strives for innovation to offer its clients multiple solutions for every scenario. We strive to offer its customers the solution as a one-stop-shop in order to easily facilitate the needs of every customer to make the construction-related process less difficult to deal with. That is because we all know that everyone has had at least one terrible experience in the field of construction. We are led by current principal David Bradley, whose qualifications as a state-certified General Contractor, Master Plumber, Licensed Inspector and Plan Reviewer gives BPG the leading edge on its competition to be able to handle all aspects related to plumbing.

Matthew Bradley, who is the younger brother of David, was introduced to the industry at a young age and the passion for the industry can be seen in the work ethic Matthew has. He has since been pursuing his passion for plumbing and if you don’t see him out in the field, you can find him researching new ways to offer customers new services.

Who We Serve

If you're looking for a full-service plumbing company, you should count on the Bradley Plumbing & Gas team. We service both residential and commercial clients in all the areas we serve. We provide a host of solutions, such as:

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    Sewer Repair

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    Pipe Repair & Pipe Bursting

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    Water Heater Repair

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    Garbage Disposal

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    Leak Detection

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    Hydro Jetting

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    Epoxy Coating

Drain Cleaning - Bradley Plumbing & Gas provides both drain snaking and hydro jetting. Snaking is when we send a line with hooks down an access point so that we can hook the clog and pull it out. Hydro jetting involves pressurized water that forces sediment, grease, and other common materials that can clog a drain off of the walls of the pipe.

You can get a clog in your pipes for a number of reasons, including flushing something that doesn't belong down the toilet. Putting liquid animal fat down the sink can also cause a clog. Finally, tree roots in the sewer line can cause a clog that you'll notice throughout the whole house. All these issues will necessitate thorough and professional drain cleaning.

Trenchless Sewer Repair - With trenchless sewer repair, you'll get to avoid digging up your front yard like you would with a traditional sewer replacement. Instead, only one hole is dug. There are a few reasons why you might need a sewer repair, but usually, there's a crack in the pipe. The crack might have been made worse by tree roots infiltrating an existing crack. Otherwise, the ground might have shifted, causing a crack. Another common reason is corrosion inside of a metal pipe.

Sewer Camera Inspection - Our expertise in sewer camera inspection services is second to none. During our inspection, we will send a scope with a camera on the end. With this, we'll be able to record footage of the inside of your pipes, which will then be displayed on a monitor. Through this method, we can see the cause of the clog, and we can show you, too. Normally, we're looking for signs of corrosion or a clog from a foreign object.

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Not only can we do sewer repairs through pipe repair or pipe bursting methods, but we can also help you with more run-of-the-mill jobs. For instance, if you need your water heater repaired or replaced, we can help you make a good decision. We can also fix or replace your garbage disposal. You can also count on our team for leak detection services.

Descaling Cast Iron – This refers to the process of removing all foreign material from the inner diameter of the sanitary line and returning the line to its original state. This allows us to properly assess the condition of the line to provide adequate options

Hydro jetting  – This is the process of using high pressure water and high gallons per minute with special nozzles to flush and maintain the line to ensure obstructions are kept out.

Epoxy Coating – We utilize an epoxy coating certified and guaranteed by the manufacturer. Through this, we are able to coat the inner diameter of the pipe to create a sealed liner that provides a higher flow rate and extends the life of the cast iron for another 50 years when applied properly.

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When you want a company that can ensure quality results on your next plumbing repair, call Bradley Plumbing & Gas. We have all the services that you'll need, and we have the customer service and experience that you can count on to get the job done. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.

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